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Composite Decking Ideas for Your Home

Composite Decking Ideas for Your Home

A quality deck can do wonders for your home and overall quality of life. You can use it to relax after a long day or make wonderful memories with the people you love. In recent years, homeowners have turned to composite decks instead of wood decks.

Compared to wood decks, composite decks offer less maintenance and longer lifespans of up to 30 years. They’re made of wood fibers that are mixed with plastic and usually coated with vinyl. Composite decks are also quite versatile as they come in a large variety of colors, shades, and grains, and finishes.

In fact, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to this type of decking material. Whether you’re new to composite decks or have plans to add one to your home in the near future, these composite decking ideas are sure to inspire you for your next deck project.

Modern Railing

Railing serves as an important safety feature while improving your deck’s aesthetics. Fortunately, there are countless railing options that can give your composite deck a clean, modern look. You can choose from a classic white composite railing, aluminum railing, cable railing…the list goes on.

Beautiful Balcony

While a balcony above your composite deck is a large investment, it can take your backyard to the next level. Just like your deck, the balcony can give your home more living space and provide a great place for entertaining. If your home overlooks a lake or another scenic outdoor element, a balcony is worth considering.


Even though it’s smaller than a traditional composite deck, a bump-out composite deck can provide more space for you to enjoy the outdoors. Rest assured it involves the same quality materials and techniques as a traditional composite deck so you don’t have to compromise on safety or durability.

Grey Deck

There’s a reason grey decks have become so popular. Not only are they timeless, they look great with most landscaping designs without overpowering your yard. Plus they disguise dirt, which is a huge plus if you have kids and pets.

Covered Deck

If you appreciate shade but also want to enhance the aesthetics of your composite deck, you can cover it. You might choose an awning or stretched fabric that’s attached to your property or a pergola, which features a slatted roof and corners posts. Another option is to extend your roofline to partially shade your deck.

Diagonal Deck

A diagonal deck may be the ultimate choice if you’d like to make a small or narrow deck appear larger. It contains diagonal planks at a 45-degree angle that force you to look outward. In addition to its expansive effect, a diagonal deck offers a modern look that’s often seen in mid-century homes.

Raised Deck

While many composite decks are flush to the ground, you can also install a raised deck. A raised deck may provide you with extra outdoor living space, increase your square footage, and potentially boost your home value. As long as it’s designed with your lifestyle in mind and installed by professionals, a raised deck can give your backyard a more complete appearance.

Picture Frame Deck

A picture frame deck is when you use a different color or material for the frame of your deck. This will lead to a neat edge and a clean aesthetic. In addition, a picture frame deck has the potential to create a safer space because it clearly defines the edges and staircases. If you have young kids or entertain often, a picture frame deck can give you some peace of mind.

Built-In Deck Bench

You can furnish your deck with outdoor furniture. But another, more practical option is to install built-in benches instead. With built-in benches, you’ll be able to add more seating to your deck without taking up a lot of room. You may also use the benches to store garden equipment, pool toys, and other outdoor belongings.

Two Colored Deck

Composite decking boards are available in a number of colors and finishes. So why not use more than one color on your deck? You can opt for a lighter color for the edges and borders and something darker in the middle. This adds a unique look that you don’t see very often.

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