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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Deck Railing?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Deck Railing?

The railings on your deck are essential. Railings serve as a safety precaution that can protect against falls and other incidents. In addition, they add a sense of style and personality to your deck. Over time, however, you may notice that your deck railings warp, rot, and splinter. 

You might also find that you have broken or missing spindles or balusters. This should not be surprising as your railings are constantly exposed to the elements. Since sturdy and resistant deck railings will keep your loved ones safe while improving the aesthetics of your deck, you might need to replace your railing at some point in time. Your deck railing replacement cost will depend on a number of factors, including: 

Railing Material

The width and height of your railing will play a role in what you pay. In general, a taller, wider railing will be more expensive.

Caps and Accessories

Caps and accessories like solar LED lights can allow you to customize your railings. Of course, these extras will increase your price. 

DIY vs Pro Installation

You might decide to DIY your deck railing replacement or hire a professional. While a pro will cost you more, you can expect the very best results.

Time of Year

If you go with a professional, you might find that you receive higher quotes in the warmer months than the offseason.

Cost Estimates of Deck Railing Replacement

While the factors we mentioned above will help determine an accurate price, here are some ballpark figures, based on railing material.

Wood Railings: $26 – $34 per Linear Foot

PVC Vinyl Railings: $29 – $36 per Linear Foot

Metal Railings: $45 – $100 per Linear Foot

Composite Railings: $52 – $60 per Linear Foot

Cable Railings: $60 – $165 per Linear Foot

Aluminum Railings: $65 – $90 per Linear Foot

Glass Railings: $285 – $525 per Linear Foot

As you decide on a deck railing material, it’s a good idea to consider more than the price. Think about how often the railing will be used, whether you’d like sightlines, and how your railing will be impacted by the weather conditions in your area. Our professional team will be more than happy to make a recommendation.


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